YouTube Keeps Stopping or Pausing? Quick and Easy Fixes!

YouTube Keeps Stopping or Pausing, YouTube has become a commonplace streaming platform and once you’re on that, most likely you’ll find yourself binge-watching for hours provided you’re not attentive to how you’re spending it slow.

But how often have you ever encountered an issue with YouTube, prefer it keeps pausing or stopping while you stream? Gets on the nerves, right? Well, whenever I watch a movie or stream a series on YouTube lately, the video keeps stopping.

Why does YouTube keep stopping?

Streaming videos on YouTube will be really frustrating with those regular pauses and app crashes. But rest assured that there are workarounds to fix the issue. Before we move to that, let’s understand what causes the “YouTube keeps stopping” error.

YouTube Keeps Stopping or Pausing how to fix

How Do I Initiate a YouTube Fix & How Do I Detain It Before it Stops?

Step 1. Go to a video with a play button on it, and perform a search for YouTube Fix by type in “make” or “make” minus “and” in YouTube’s address bar.

Step 2. Open the Google Console, and click on Tools > Vendor Delivery and then choose the Vendor you would like. Choose the Vendor and click on Change URL.

Here, click on the next link that appears in the Google Console. From the drop down list, select the URL you think the youtube file is showing to date. Once done, you will see a refresh and be updated with a new URL.

This will pop open your YouTube channel with whatever picture and description of the URL you want your video to have.

Step 3. You will need to move up to the URL in the Console in the free window:

Step 4. On Google Console, you will find:

A new banner on the left that will read (“update your channel title”) and (“Delete YouTube”)

The URL below:

Step 5. Copy the URL and paste it into the URL Synonym link found in Google Console. Then copy the URL into the “USE URL SYSMITH CONFIG & FILE” folder.

Now, you will need to enter the username below your URL and click on Edit account when asked.

You will be asked “How do I resend updates to YouTube?” Click on Edit account option to launch an email campaign.

Step 6. Scroll through the email and pay attention to the post your file is previewing. Once the email has been approved, go to the URL of your YouTube Media Image, video, audio, or images and click on its URL and paste the URL into the URL Synonym link. You will be redirected to the URL synonym link.

Step 7. Click on the “Copy” icon inside the URL Synonym link. It will show you the link to YouTube’s URL Synonym. Copy your URL name. You will want to paste the URL twice, because you only have one URL name.

This will load the videos again, and you can click on the button to edit the URL. As more people add their YouTube username and change the URL, it will take the URL somewhere else in YouTube’s Internet Explorer browser, possibly soon. You will need to be inside the URL Synonym link while scrolling the email.

Step 8. Always re-enter the URL, adding the URL name twice, to update and edit your videos on YouTube once more. If your videos get played and you don’t notice it, then it must be an issue with Youtube or with your video.

Even if you cannot open the YouTube URL, you can also select the option for “page load,” which will bring up something similar to this. If you already have the YouTube URL, it will automatically refresh itself on this link.

Step 9. Remember to change the URL name into the YouTube key ID you saved in the URL Synonym link. It will provide you with the latest URL to edit.

Step 10. Enter your username back into the URL synonym link. You can also set the password and location of your YouTube link. Here is how to do this.

If you don’t feel comfortable using your YouTube username and you have the lowest v1.0 rank (the lowest rank on the youtube list of users), you can also set the sign-in limit so you can receive further notifications about new and related content to your video, without asking you to sign in.

Step 11. Go back to the above URL search the YouTube Media Image page.

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