What is the Shattered Throne Map in Destiny 2? Full Information

Shattered Throne Map in Destiny 2 is one of the popular video games that is known for its huge popularity after its release. The game comes with amazing graphics and modes that didn’t disappoint players while playing it. A shattered throne map is one of the modes in which most players are encountering errors while trying to complete.

After receiving lots of comments regarding the issue I am writing this article. So, today in this article we will discuss more this certain problem and all the information related to the Map. Destiny was one of the big successes of Bungie. Following the success of destiny, the company has released the new version of destiny in 2019.

The game has lots of new weapons, characters, and maps that engage most players in the game. However, a shatter throne map is one thing that most players are confuse about. The shattered throne map is a broken extension, coasting island, and foyers. But, there are also guides in the game like Erebus who will help you to explore the island with ease.

Shattered Throne Map in Destiny 2

As mentioned earlier, this new map on the game is the best place to find the loot. However, it is available once on every character at regular intervals but sometimes it can be very hard to understand if you are playing for the first time. But don’t give up and make sure to try again and you will get hooked with the difficulty slowly.

Similarly, the dungeon on the game has two bosses with unique mechanics in the whole game. However, you will only get one per character every three weeks. The main point of the game is to get a dungeon. There are different ways to get a dungeon but the fastest way is by heading straight from dreaming city’s landing zone.

How to get a map?

Many players find it difficult to search maps in the game if you want the map then you need to go in a different direction. Now, you need to head straight from the mysterious box and after this keep your eye peeled from the big structure with the oracle and go left from there.

After this head straight towards the path and you will reach to prison passage. Now, here you will experience the turning progression of the passage which is designed to check your skills. Similarly, you will also have to clear sanctuary in a certain order. Also, make sure not to lose focus while doing so just focus on what is more important.

Keep in mind that the main sanctuary won’t change so don’t get lost while navigating the maze. When you finished clearing all your sanctuary go back to the first place of the section. There should be a usual manager waiting for you with plunder drops.

Different parts of the map

The game consists of different modes that you should complete in order to complete the game. Here are the different parts of the game:

  1. Part One: The Labyrinth
  2. Part Two: The Hike
  3. Part Three: Vorgeth, The boundless Hunger
  4. Part Four: DulIncaru

Part One: Labyrinth

In this part, you need to clear all seven temples from the map in a specified order. However, every time you play the game it will be different than earlier so make sure that you know how the temple are interconnected to each other. The journey might be difficult if you are playing for the first time but have faith in yourself you will surely complete it.

Part two: The hike

It is another linear path that is connected to open space. However, if you have anything with decent range then you can easily take down sniping vandals. Else just go straight and you will reach on the top of miniboss in front of the big door. After this, you will figure out what to do next.

Part three: Vorgeth, the boundless hunger

In this part, the main objective is to kill Vorgeth’s who is surrounded by the wizard. You can kill the wizard by collecting all of their spheres and storing each of them before lightning up another circle.

Now you need to catch the attention of the wizard so drop down yourself and two wizards will start chasing you. Keep them shooting unless the shield comes down. After you take down the shield you can directly shoot forget.

Part Four: DulIncaru

In this part, you need to beat Dulincaru. The problem while beating dulincaru is three knight friends that kept on protecting her. In addition to this, she also summons psions. First of all, make sure to clear all prisons from the room because it can create a lot of problems while dealing with knights.

After you clear all summon you need to deal with the knight the problem while dealing with the knight is DulIncaru’s fire. Make sure that don’t use super ammo to take down quickly. Use it when they will leave with less health. After this, you can figure it out on your own.

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Is the shattered throne map in Destiny 2?

The shattered throne is a dungeon in destiny 2.

How many bones are there in Shattered Throne?

There are 4 Ahamkara bones in Shattered Throne.

Can we farm Shattered throne?

Yes, the shattered throne is farmable.

How many eggs are in a shattered throne?

There is a total of 9 eggs inside the dungeon in a shattered throne.

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