Tips to become better at shooting games like PUBG & GTA

Tips to become better at shooting games like PUBG & GTA, Gaming industry of today’s time is almost cover up by shooting and Role-playing games. PUBG, Freefire, COD, CSGO and GTA are the perfect example of this category. Taking part in Esports tournament, showing off your KD, developing professional gaming career or starting out your own gaming YouTube channel or twitch streaming needs the perfecto skills in the respective games.

The major points that determine your skills in any shooting games is almost defined by your fighting tactics and decision-making ability. In addition, it is such a pleasure to introduce this content on some of the useful tips, which could be a blessing to boost your rookie skills to pro level.

Key points that are responsible for getting good PUBG and GTA

There are lots of factor that determine the players fine skills, in this article we are going to put a spotlight on those factors, so that you can learn some tips to improve your gameplay.

1.    Know gun perfectly

There are three types of combat/ fighting in any shooting games; they are mid-range, close combat and long distance fight. In addition, every individual types of combat require some special weapons.

For example if you are in close combat fight, it is better to use gun with high damage as well as with high firing rate so that you can give maximum damage in a very less time. Use of gun with high damage and high firing rate make those weapons lethal in close combat fight. UZI, P90, Vector and Groza are some of the recommended weapons for close combat fight.

Moreover, if you are in mid-range fight then you should use gun with low recoil, which will make your every shoots precise and accurate. As well as, be sure your weapon is not low range ammunition; for example, you cannot use Shotgun in other range combat except than short range, because Shotguns bullets (12 gauge) cannot travel more than 10-15 meters of distance. M4, Carbine and Machine gun are some of the best mid-range weapons.

At last, Long distance combat requires a weapon with high bullet distance capacity, as well as sniper guns are the weapons with highest bullet distance properties. However, be sure your sniper must have a high damage, and low bullet dropping nature; which will make your attack one shot and your enemies cannot scope from your scope vison. AWM, Kar98, M24 and Mosin Nagant are some of the lethal sniper weapons you should use in long-range combat.

Moreover, it is best tactics to know damage, velocity, firing rate, reloading time and best attachments of gun are mandatory knowledge to perform better in any shooting games.

2.    Firing techniques

The way you shoot bullets, predetermine the chances of giving damage to opponents. You have to shoot in a various firing tactics. Movement fire, crouch fire, use of perfect cover while firing are some of the best firing techniques you should use.

Moving left and right, unexpected crouching or prone while shootings are some of the major points which can lead your chances of defeating your opponents. As well as, taking a cover while shooting enemies are the mandatory if your opponents are equipping some good guns are they seems to be more than rookie.

3.    Aware of surroundings

If you are staying in the same location for long time, then there is a high chance of someone is looking at you from far away. So be aware, and make sure your current spot is safe.

4.    Acquire complete knowledge of map

Having a complete knowledge of map and every location is actually a one stop closer to become better at game. Knowing possible hot-drop location, location with better/more weapons are one of the mandatory knowledge you have to acquire while playing the game.

If you are familiar with map and location you will be familiar with best tactical location for sniping, camping, location for solo rush and absolutely the offline player. Therefore, we suggest you to know map; you can know the map and location by playing game for longest time, so keep grinding for this.

5.    Teammate are your powers

Have ever knocked down/ defeated by opponents while you are far from your teammates? This is the problem of almost every arrogant/ newbie players; they play alone though their match mode is squad. Therefore, always stay with your teammate, they are your power as well as you are their powers too.

It is great to contribute your skills to your teammate combat, which will eventually lead you and your whole squad to the victory.

6.    No mercy

No mercy is the basic rules of any shooting games. This means, if you knocked down your opponents do not let them be alive for another second. Just finished him. This will help you to secure your kills and increase the damage points. By killing your opponents instantly give you more tier up points, it is better practice to kill the knocked out enemies rather than let me be alive.

We are thankful too you for your valuable time to check our content. We value your precious time, so we have done our best to make this content as precise as possible.

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