The 20 Best Video Game Soundtracks Ever [Update 2021]

Best Video Game Soundtracks Ever 

Video Game Soundtracks Ever, music, which are commonly known as soundtracks are one of the major attraction of any games. If you are fond of video games then you might have felt attachment with some music or soundtracks of games, which sounds beautiful for you.

Great games come with great soundtracks, this is one of the absolute truth of video game music things, however, there are numbers of soundtracks, which are beautiful, but you may have been confused which to listen and which to skip.

Therefore, we are here with this article, which will put spotlight on 20 best video game soundtracks you should not missed out. Every soundtracks are listened and rated1 by millions of like us, so be sure you are going to listen soundtracks recommended by millions of game enthusiast like you and me. So do not forget to check out every soundtracks mentioned below.

This section of the content deals with the discussion on 20 best video games of all time. There are no any particular data to list out the things, mainly lists are ordered in the opinion based.

20. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Wild Hunt is one of the mesmerizing soundtracks of The Witcher 3 game. With this popular video games music, you are going to involve yourself into the character of Geralt of Rivia. With the prehistoric music, you might feel you are into their worlds, wearing lots of courage to fight.

19. Undertale

We suggest you to listen up the soundtracks of Undertale, which is not same as the warrior kinds of music in The Witcher 3, but we want you to be assure about the info that the Undertale soundtracks are awesome enough to make your body dance in a flow of music, have a listen right now by clicking below there.

18. Super Mario Galaxy

This is the time to recall your sweet childhood again, with this mind relaxing music of Super Mario Galaxy. This soundtrack is powerful enough to heal your quarreled mind to the relaxed peaceful days. You will not regret to listen this popular video games music, click on the button below to listen the soundtrack of Super Mario Galaxy.

17. Streets of Rage 2

You are fighter, a very furious fighter with lots of fire in chest; this could be your feelings while listening the soundtracks of Streets of Rage 2.

The best video games of all time came up with the great soundtracks, which could be your favorites too, if you spare some time to listen it. Moreover, some of you may thanks us for recommending this music, which could recall your childhood days. Therefore, let’s redirect and listen this masterpiece for at least once.

16. Shadow of the Colossus

Soundtrack of Shadow of the Colossus is somehow belongs to the few music which is creative enough to make you feel like you are in danger; or you have to do somethings but in hurry as like you are running out of time. We extremely suggest you to listen this game music.

15. Legends of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The great game, with the very beautiful scenery could be the possible title fitted for the game ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’.

If you are new to the name of this game, we are sure you will be amazed to know that the soundtracks of games like this could have a relaxing, soft music like this as Game genre does not stand with the softness of soundtracks). We suggest you to click on the button below to bless you ear with this beautiful game music.

14. Katamari Damacy

Soundtracks of Katamari Damacy is simple and awesome enough to prove itself calm and relaxing at the same time. This soundtrack is smooth enough to make adult as well as child to have a calm mood, as soft things are blessed with the power to heal our mind completely.

13. Journey

“Oh my God, thank you so much for the recommendation of this music”, you are going to say this after you listen the soundtrack of Journey. This is the very humble request to you; please listen this music, your vision towards the game music could changed forever, once you listen this soundtrack.

12. Hotline Miami

Another masterpiece in the list of best game soundtracks consist soundtrack of Hotline Miami. You won’t regret to spend your few minutes to listen this music, click on the button below.

11. Grim Fandango

If you are fond of Jazz music then the soundtracks of Grim Fandango could be in your queue list. Let’s get redirect and listen this game music, who knows you might like it.

10. Final Fantasy XV

If you are fan of aggressive music, then the soundtrack of Final Fantasy XV could be in your music library. This game music is powerful enough to make your mind to believe you are the most powerful fighter in the world, who owns super powers ;). Listen this soundtrack with just a click on the button below.

09. Final Fantasy VI

If you loved to listen music with suspense theme with beautiful melody, then the soundtrack of Final Fantasy VI could be one of your favorite tunes. We suggest you to have a look on the video of the soundtrack of this game. Click button below to be redirected to this masterpiece.

08. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim is the soundtrack of The Elder Scrolls V, which is one of the best soundtracks of games, and if you have not listened it yet, then we suggest you to listen this gem music at least for once.

We want you to be assure to one of the fact that your inner self believe will be in increased and you will feel like you are the one-man army with unlimited energy in you; and all this will be felt just with the powerful aggressive game music. Listen this masterpiece by clicking button below.

07. Earthbound

If you are fan of listening looped music then this soundtracks are for you, you won’t find any special in this music while reading this article but it you listen the game music of Earthbound then I am cent percent sure you are going to be the fan of their soundtrack. If you have make mind to listen the soundtracks then just hit the button below to listen.

06. Donkey Kong Country 2 Diddy’s Kong Quest

If you are over 20 then this could be your darling in your childhood. This game is one of the most beloved game of 99’s child, as well as the soundtrack of this game stands awesome even though having numbers of decades of age. We suggest you to have a glance on this old masterpiece.

05. Doom

The extremely aggressive game with the same insane level of soundtracks define the Doom. Doom is one of the renowned game, which consist one of the popular video games soundtracks out there. You can listen the game music by the button below.

04. Cuphead

Just listen the soundtracks of this game, we are cent percent sure, you will thank us for recommending this game music.

03. Crypt of the NecroDancer

Are you fan of beats? If yes, then this soundtrack is definitely for you. Have a look there; click the button below to be redirected to the soundtrack.

02. Chrono Trigger

Are you doing some miscellaneous stuff? Hold a minute; this soundtrack could be your friends in that moments. We suggest you to listen this melodious game music. To listen this soundtrack, all you have to do is to click the button below.

01. Bastion

Soundtrack of Bastion is too calm and awesome to listen. We suggest you to listen this awesome creation, click the button below.

Spotlight on some question

This section of the content is all about the some of the commonly asked question by game enthusiast, which might be your questions too.

  • What game has the best soundtrack ever?

There are numerous amazing soundtrack of games, and all of them are furious. However, if we have to name one and only best soundtrack of games, then #1 Soundtrack of God of War by Bear McCreary should top the list.

  • What is the most iconic video game music?

There are lots of iconic popular video games music (soundtrack), which are powerful enough to give us goosebumps. In addition, it would be wrong if we choose some name by defining it is the most iconic and others are not, though as per the title of question, we would like to suggest you to listen #1 Skyrim Age of Supersession soundtrack, which is one the most iconic video game music.

  • What game has the largest soundtrack?

Grand Theft Auto IV own the Guinness world record for having the largest popular video games music with more than 340 soundtracks.

We are extremely thankful to you for your valuable time to check our content. We value your precious time, so we have done our best to make this content as precise as possible.

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