Best Rise of Kingdoms Features, Tips and Tricks For Android

Rise of kingdoms tips and tricks is one of the well-known name of in the field of mobile games; it is the game with strategy genre. It was developed and published by Lilith games, and it was initially released on September 20 2018. You can play this game in your own style, such as you are free to play this rise of kingdoms king game with an aggressive soldier behaviors as well as the peaceful person with calm movements.

This Rise of kingdoms tips and tricks game is downloaded for more than 10 Million times (Data from Play store), with average rating of 4.2 out of 5, rated by 1,587,441 votes.

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·        Emperor rise of the middle kingdom

  • Emperor rise of kingdoms king is the sixth sequel of City building series. . It can be played on both single and multiplayer mode. Sierra Entertainment is the publisher of this game, which was initially release date on September 9, 2002.

·        The Golden kingdom

  • The golden kingdom is a drama Myanmar film released on 2015. This movie came up with the story of a young Buddhist monk and his life in monastery.

·        Rise of Kingdoms Hannibal Barca

  • Hannibal Barca is a Carthaginian general, who is considered as one of the best military commander. He is known for his dashing military achievements. You might get confused about his reality, whether he is real life person or not?; well this name is belongs to 247BC, and is the real greatest military personal.

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·        Kusunoki Rise of Kingdoms

  • Kusunoki is known for his tag as ‘greatest’, as he is one of the greatest Nuking commanders. He is one of the best archer that is why he is considered best for defense.

·        Imperium kingdom Rise of Kingdoms

  • Imperium kingdom is listed among the most powerful kingdoms of game.

·        Crystal key Rise of Kingdoms

  • Crystal keys are the material which is used to open silver chest in game.

·        Lost kingdom of Rise of Kingdoms

  • Lost kingdom is one of the events of Rise of Kingdoms, which last for 60 days. It can be unlocked on stage 3.

·        Rise of Kingdoms Genghis Khan

  • One of the brutal military commander; Genghis Khan is now available in rise of kingdoms king game. Genghis khan is one of the brutal but greatest military man born on 1162 AD near to Baikal, Mongolia.

·        Rise of Kingdoms Minamoto

  • Minamoto is one of the greatest and powerful Japanese military commander and in game, he is known for his lethal power in Nuking. Though having a greatest power, Minamoto is the easiest legendary commander to unlock in this game.

·        Rise of Kingdoms Mehmed

  • Mehmed is one of the greatest commander of this game. His open field attack and tremendous skills make him one of the conquering commander with greatest strength.
Is Rise of Kingdoms banned in India?

The answer is yes, Rise of Kingdom is banned India since September of 2020.

Why Rise of Kingdoms banned in India?

The Information and Technology Ministry of Indian government have decided to ban 117 popular games and software on September 2020. They are concerned with security of their countries digital privacy. Moreover, they blame Chinese government that they track data of Indian peoples via Chinese software, and this accused reason leads to the banned of 117 application which were developed by Chinese software developers.  Though few Indian citizens still play this game with the help of VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK aka VPN.

It has been almost 8 months (As of date of article) of banned of Chinese application by Indian government, but there is no any response from Neither Indian government nor privacy team of Chinese sides. Indians are waiting to play everyone’s favorite battle royal game, PUBG, which is not available in Indian land after the banned of Chinese application.

Is Rise of Kingdoms free?

ROK is the free game; you do not have to pay a single penny to install this game on your device. This is neither a pay-to-win game nor any paid game, so just chill out and enjoy this real time strategy game with no cost at all.

What is the latest version of Rise of Kingdoms?

Most latest version of this game is, which was updated on March 16, 2021. Ninja Gaiden 3, Razor’s Edge Event and Optimizations on Lost Kingdom: Season of Conquest and Lucerne Scrolls are the major new things updated in this latest version.

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