Pixel Gun 3D Beginners Guide, Tips and Tricks For Android

Pixel gun 3D Tips and Tricks For Android

About Pixel gun 3D

Pixel Gun 3D is pixelated FPS shooter video games, which visualize us Minecraft as both of these games are developed with pixelated graphics. This pg3d apk game was developed by Cubic games on May 2, 2013, and it can be played on Android, IOS and windows mobile. Pixel gun 3D Online came up with 10 exciting modes such as Army rifle, Marksman, Combat Rifle, predator etc. As well as it can be played on both single player campaign and online multiplayer modes of matchmaking. This pg3d apk game can be played in four different ways they are Battle royals, Death match, Raids and Duels.

Weapon is the mandatory things in any shooter games, so let us introduce weapons of this pg3d apk game. Currently there are six types of weapon categories in this game; they are Primary, Special, Sniper, Melee, Backup and Heavy, and there are more than 800 types of weapons and among them Medieval sword, Dark matter generator and swords are some awesome things which we can see rarely in any other shooting games.

If you ever felt bored of playing battle royals, there are more than 10 mini games such as Sniper tournament, Parkour challenge, glider mode etc. and surprisingly it has 100+ beautiful maps rotating with time by time, which is the major attraction of this pixel gun 3d pc game. As almost every shooing game, the mission of this pixel gun 3d pc game is to stay the last player alive.

Pixel Gun 3D Tips and Tricks came with size of just 100MB, which is bit low though having this much features such tons of game modes, 100’s of maps and tons of weapons and tactics. We can figure out its popularity by looking at the data displayed by plays store. This pg3d apk game is downloaded more than 100 Million times and there are 5.63 Million reviews with average play store review of 4.2 out of 5.

Keep switching through all your weapons

As mentioned above there are 100+ weapons you can use in this pg3d apk game, so be sure to check out all the weapons categories. Below we have point out some of the best weapons of each and individual weapon categories.

Primary weapons

  • Impulse rifles

: Buller of this rifle cause damage in the small area of hit zone, so you do not hit accurately your targets. If you are a beginner then you should definitely use this gun.

  • Mini-gun shotgun

: This gun bear mechanics of both shotgun and mini gun, which make this gun impressive. This gun is fatal as it shoot multiple bullets like a shotgun but with high fire rate.

 Special weapons

  • Electromagnetic cannon

: You should definitely try this gun, if you are facing close-quarters fight with group of enemies, and the reason behind this is the damage passed onto surrounding enemies, as this gun is sci-fi themed with electromagnetic particle bullet.

  • Poison darts

: You may have been familiar with the games features just by hearing its name; this gun shoots invisible poison darts.

pixel gun 3d


  • Shaman’s bow

:  Though it is not a sniper rifle, shaman’s rifle is under the sniper category. This can be your greatest choice in stealth fight mode, as bow travels silently without making any noises, with a instant travel time.

  • Charge rifle

: This is one of the best sniper guns in this pixel gun 3d online game, as this gun came with 10x scopes, that means you can zoom in 10 times, which makes this gun best for larger sized map. This sniper rifle is best for long-range targets.


  • Meat grinder

: This melee weapon is best for close range fight, as this dealt a very impressive amount of damage. The bleeding trait makes this weapon, as this dealt an enormous damage by making bleeding and lowering the health of opponent.

Backup weapons

  • Dead star

: This gun came with area damage properties, which shoot blue particles and deal a decent amount of damage.

Heavy weapons

  • Deadly beat

: This weapons also come with area damage properties, but this weapons deal a very powerful large area damage, which prove this canon weapons very powerful.

Pick weapons based on the map

: There are numbers of maps based on different modes, and best strategy of this pixel gun 3d online game is to use suitable weapons based on the map. If the map is small and combat is in close range, you should use weapons with high fire rate and high travel time. Pixel Gun 3D Tips and Tricks Here is strategy for four different maps based on weapon selection.

  • Asgard

: You should use close range gun and heavy weapons in this map.

  • Mafia cottage

: Most of the fight will happened in garden or mansion you should use close range weapons in this map.

  • Sniper forts

: Sniper is definitely the weapons for SNIPER FORTS map.

  • Nuclear City

: This is the long-range map you should use long ranged weapon in this map.

Always be aiming to complete challenges

: Rewards after completing challenges are stunning you should be aiming to complete challenges. Some of the great rewards are Thors hammer, Icewing dragons and Deadly trail.

Never underestimate the pets

: Your pets could be your greatest strength, as some of the pets deal a very impressive damage to opponent. Some of the dashing pets are Dinosaurs, Panthers and Alien cats.

Save your gems, spend your coins

: You can use coins to upgrade weapons, pets and your strength. However, do not spend gems to upgrade instant. Save your gems, you can use to buy some legendary weapons.

Participate in clan activities regularly

: You can get many rewards by participating in clan challenges, so participate in clan activities regularly.

How do you get a lot of money in Pixel gun 3D?

: There are many mods to get a lot of money, but if you want to make a lot of money without cheating, watch Ads, which provide you coins, but watch it just for first 4 seconds and close your game and re-open it. By using this glitch, you can get 30 coin just watching 4 seconds of Ads, this will save your one third of time.

What is the fastest way to level up in Pixel gun 3D?

: The fastest way to level up in Pixel gun 3D PC is to get VIP, for this either buy it or participate in different events.

How do you aim better in Pixel gun 3D?

: There is one popular quote ‘Practice makes a man perfect’, so practice can make your aim better. Also do not forget to lower your sensitivity; it can helps to improve your aiming.

What is the fastest way to get Gems in Pixel gun 3D?

: Open up blue, green and red Novice chest by using keys. You can make lots of Keys by playing games. This is the genuine way to make lots of gems.

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