Minecraft Play For Free | How to Get Minecraft for Free

Minecraft Play For Free | How to Get Minecraft for Free

It will not be wrong if we say Minecraft Apk Play For Free is one of the top games based on daily active users, total downloads, Popularity, grossing and ranking. It is among the most popular games, though it is not free; this game cost $27 (for PC Version) and $7.49, which is actually not a high price. However, numbers of peoples do not own MasterCard, or do not intend pay money to own a game, so this article is all about how someone can claim Minecraft without spending a single penny, and play it for free. We will get into this topic but before this let us introduce what is Minecraft and what make this game so popular.

Some interesting Data

Minecraft Apk was initially publish by Mojang, Microsoft Studios, and Sony Interactive Entertainment on May 17, 2009. Though it is not free game, this is one of the most Free Minecraft download games with 900,000,000 (Nine hundred Million) Downloads. We can figure out the user’s perception towards this game by looking at the 3 million reviews with average review rating of 4.5 out of 5 in play store. Here is some of the stunning data of Minecraft, which will surely clear your curiosity.

  • It is almost 12 years of Minecraft. It was released on May 17, 2009.
  • There are 131,000,000 daily active players of Minecraft.
  • Minecraft holds the 5th position as the world’s highest grossing games. Minecraft makes revenue of $415,000,000 (four hundred fifteen Million USD) in last year (2020). Whereas, Minecraft mobile makes revenue of $110,000,000 (One hundred ten million USD) in 2018. Minecraft mobile revenue responsible for 30% of its total revenue.
  • Lifetime revenue of Minecraft is approximately $3,000,000,000 (Three billion USD).
  • Minecraft is downloaded for approximately 900 Million times, which make it in the list of World’s top downloaded games.
  • Yet another fabulous data, Minecraft’s map holds the area bigger than Neptune, which is bigger than our homeland Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Pluto and Moons. Isn’t it mind blowing? That Minecraft is actually bigger than our real life earth.
  • There are only four types of proper weapons in Minecraft, which is one of the interesting data hold by a popular game like this. Those four weapons are swords, tridents, bows and crossbows.

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Is Minecraft for free?

The answer is yes and No both, and let us describe what does this mean, If you want to Free Minecraft download from Epic games, or from their official website then must have to pay 27 United states’ dollar (USD). You cannot get original Minecraft without paying them but still you there is one way you can play it without paying moneys. Moreover, let us describe what does that ‘Yes’ mean; check out sub-heading below.

Can I get Minecraft for free?

Free Minecraft download is not a free game, you can still play it by owning without paying a single penny. There are several way to own this game without paying $27, and this article is absolutely all about how can we get Minecraft for free, without spending our money. Some sites like torrent, 1377 and hippo file provide Minecraft for free, but be sure. Those types of Minecraft are hacked or cracked, so you cannot play it as other’s who actually own it by paying money.

How can I get Minecraft for free?

Though you cannot play cracked version Minecraft with all the services like multiplayer, you can still play it in solo or multiplayer sandbox game. You can try it for free from Play store and App store ( for Android and IOS respectively). Moreover, if you want to get this service on your MacBook or Windows, you can get it from developer Mojang.

Can I play Minecraft online for free?

The answer is bit glorious for you, yes you can play Minecraft classic for free. It is available for you, without paying any money. You can play this game on your web browser without downloading it. Minecraft classic is the earlier form of Minecraft, where nine players are allowed to join the user.

Minecraft Pocket edition free?

Do you know there are many types of Minecraft?, such as Minecraft Java edition, Minecraft Chinese edition, Minecraft Apk Classic and Minecraft Pocket edition. ¬†Among these, we are talking about Minecraft pocket edition. Minecraft pocket edition is the former name of Minecraft bedrock edition, which was developed by Mojang studios for Mobile. It will not be wrong if we named it ‘Minecraft Mobile version’.

Minecraft pocket edition is one of the most popular Minecraft edition version with total sales of 263,000,000 (Two hundred sixty three million) copies, which is dashing data hold by any edition version of games.  Minecraft pocket edition is not actually free; it will cost you $6.99. However, different sites like torrent, 1377 may provide you this for free.

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