Is The Forest a Cross-Platform? Know the Answer in 2021?

Forest is one of the popular survival games of 2017. The game has got huge popularity after its release and has over 1 million active players across the world. Despite being such a popular game it can’t be cross-played. I am sure that most of you are here to know the answer to Is the forest a cross-platform. Well, the short answer to this question is no forest is not cross-platform.

Until now it can’t be crossed played but in the future, we might see this feature on this game. The game was first available on steam in April 2016 during that time it was released in early access. There were very few games at that time which can be crossed played on console and PC. Similarly, the developer of this game also didn’t work on this feature.

However, in recent days there are lots of popular games on the market which can be cross-played from any platform. Similarly, the developers of these games are also generating tons of revenue out of it. Regardless of the trend, the developer of forest may bring this feature to the game in the future for sure.

The game was developed by Endnight game company which is one of the popular video game developers for consoles. Forest is one of the big successes of the Endnight game as the game was able to attract millions of gamers across the world. Moreover, the game can be played from any platform and supports most PC devices.

Does The Forest have cross-play?

Forest is a multi-player game where you will be playing against different people from different places in the world. Since it is a multiplayer game you can play with your family friends and random players. Forest was officially launched in 2018 on various platforms including PlayStation Xbox and PC. Since it was released the game didn’t have cross-play features.

Now, some of you might be thinking it does have cross-play as you can play with your friends from other devices. Well, cross-play refers to a game in which console players can play together with Xbox and PC users. And, PC users can play together with Console and Xbox users and vice versa. However, in the forest survival game, you can play with those users that have the same system as yours.

For example, if you have a console then you can play with console users only. Similarly, if you are a PC user then you can play with PC users only. Since the forest is not a cross-platform so you need to make sure that your friends is using the same system as yours.

How to host a multiplayer game on Forest?

Forest is a multiplayer survival game in which you will portray as an Eric Le Blanc. You will be crash-landed on an island and the island is filled with lots of mystery, traps, and animals. Here you need to survive from different traps and search for food in order to survive.

The game allows up to 8 players to play in multiplayer mode. Anyone can host the game and invite their friends to play the game. If you don’t know how to host multiplayer mode on forest then follow the below steps:

  1. First of all open the game from your device or system.
  2. Go to the main menu of the game and there you will see different option. Click on the multiplayer mode to start a new game or you can also play your previous game.
  3. When you select the new game you will be redirected to server setting windows.
  4. Here you can customize the game including your server name number of player who can join password and so on.
  5. After you are done customizing the game click on the create lobby. It will show you in lobby where you will also see your invited friends.

This is how you can host the multiplayer game on your system.  The steps are very much simple after this you can invite players to create their own team and play the game.

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Conclusion of Is The Forest A Cross-Platform?

Forest is not a fully cross-platform game as players from the same system can play together. There are different types of games that are fully cross-platform and can be played together from any system. However, in the future, we could expect that the developer can bring a new version of an existing game Cross-platform. I hope that you have got the answer of Is forest a cross-platform from this article. I hope that you got the answer to Is The forest a cross-platform?

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