Is Avast safe? Know The Answer in 2021

Are you here in search of the answer to the question “Is Avast safe?” If yes then you are in the right place because here we are going to share with you some major information about Avast VPN which you need to know before using it. So, you should just stay till the end to get the answer to all your queries about Avast VPN.

What is Avast VPN?

Avast VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a good and free antivirus solution launched in 2014. It is mostly used by its users to view Netflix shows and for surfing some blocked websites. Avast VPN is one of the best-rated VPN available online.

I have used this VPN for 10 days and have come through some of the good things as well as some bad things about Avast VPN which I have listed below.

Pros of Avast VPN:

  • Talking about the pricing, Avast VPN is quite affordable compared to other VPNs. You only have to pay $59.88 per year, and the best part is you can secure five devices on any platform.
  • It is easy to use, and it has got a seven-day trial for beginners without entering any card details. Avast secureline VPN has made a simple procedure that can be used by anyone. So if you are a beginner then it would be very helpful for you and you can use it easily.
  • Avast secureline VPN has got a good speed score in comparison to other VPNs. We found that its speed dropped by a maximum of 10 percent that seems to be good.
  • Security-wise, it is good as it uses AES-256 bit encryption. And it automatically enables DNS/IPv6 leak protection. It has been on the lead as an antivirus company. Avast VPN offers 55 servers across 34 countries, and that seems to be good. The more the servers, the more its performance gets boosted.
  • There is an official website of Avast which could be helpful for you to get the answers to some of your common questions. There is also a faq section where almost all doubts have been clear. If you found some technical problems in the system, you also get into a call with the technical experts. So the customer care service is quite good altogether.

Cons of Avast VPN:

  • Avast VPN doesn’t have a monthly pricing pack. It only has a yearly pricing pack and which seems to be inflexible. Many other VPNs provide monthly pricing packs. Monthly pricing is more flexible because it can be budgeted easily. It becomes a hectic task for a beginner to go for an annual subscription, and which in case, becomes a bad feature of Avast secureline VPN.
  • Companies like TorGuard, offer static IP addresses, residential addresses, etc., with their subscription, while Avast Secureline VPN has none.
  • Avast VPN has only 55 servers that are more than some VPN servers. But TorGuard, CyberGhost, and NordVPN have more servers. TorGuard offers 3000 servers and more while CyberGhost and NordVPN offer 5,000 servers. 
  •  Avast Secureline keeps torrenting logs for 30 days. It becomes a disadvantage for people who want to keep their torrenting private.
  • Avast secureline VPN comes under a Czech company Avast, that has more other software, including Avast Pro and AVG. But the worst thing about this company is that it has a dark history. In early 2020, this company was selling other people’s data. So this incident has made a dark history of this company. This incident makes people think twice before buying their product.

Is Avast VPN safe

Avast secureline is safe to use security-wise. It provides VPN security and has good speed records. It is safe to download and very simple to install on devices like IOS, Windows, or Android. It provides DNS/IPv6 leak protection. But on the darker side, it lacks some features comparing to other VPNs, and it also doesn’t have flexible pricing.

Security Features of Avast VPN

Now, let’s have a look at the security features of Avast VPN and discuss its major security features which has differentiated Avast VPN from other VPNs.

  •  Avast VPN has got a good privacy and security protocol. It has got a good VPN privacy policy that contains a lot of information.
  •  Avast VPN provides a cloud backup that ensures that your files are safe and secure.
  • Avast VPN also provides secure web gateways which help its users to prevent malicious downloads and spam URLs.
  • It also helps its users to manage multiple networks where they can have a look at different things like viewing threats and all updates.
  •  Avast VPN also provides its users with ad-free browsing. This means that they don’t need to see any unnecessary ads while browsing.
  • Avast VPN blocks the online tracking of their users which ensures that none of the third parties could see your online activity.
  • It also ensures that your passwords and online information are safe and secure.
  • The customer support of Avast VPN is great and they provide a 24/7 support. You can contact them through phone calls, emails, live chats, etc.

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Keeping all the pros and cons of Avast secureline VPN in mind, I concluded that Avast VPN is safe but according to me it is better to opt for other VPN of the same range. Because it lies in the bottom line in technical features, and its security is quite risky seeing its history. So, you can explore some other VPN with better features than Avast VPN.


Is Avast a virus?

Almost 80% of reviews of Avast have said that it is genuine and safe to use. Moreover, I have also used it for some time but I didn’t get any problem regarding viruses in Avast. So, according to me, it is not a virus.

Does Avast degrade your PC? 

Not really, it’s working totally fine on my 64 bit OS laptop. So, you shouldn’t be afraid of Avast degrading your system.

How much RAM does Avast use?

It seems that Avast uses 600Mb of your physical memory.

Is Avast VPN free?

No, Avast VPN is not free you have to buy its premium plan. However, you could get 7 days free trial of Avast VPN.

Can Avast VPN be hacked?

I would like to answer it as yes and no as well because any app, website, or software couldn’t say that they can’t be hacked because it is possible but a normal person or a normal hacker wouldn’t be able to hack such a huge database. A person would be needing a great experience to hack Avast VPN.

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