how to get free diamond on free fire

HOW TO GET FREE FIRE DIAMONDS HACK, The Garena Free Fire is the ultimate survival shooter battle royal game available on mobile devices. Each 10-minute game sets you up onto a remote island where you are up against other 49 players, all seeking for their survival. Players choose their starting point freely with the parachute and can aim to stay in the safe zone for as long as possible or lets say as long as they want. Drive vehicles to explore the vast places on the map, hide in trenches or become invisible by lying under grass. Snipe, Ambush, survive, there is only one goal in this game: to survive and to answer the call of duty.

Survival shooter in its original shape
Search for weapons such as guns, rifles, snipers, etc., stay in your play zone, loot and kill your enemies and become the last man standing.
10 minutes, 50 players, epic survival match
It is fast and lite gameplay. A new survivor will emerge within 10 minutes, Go beyond the call of duty and be the one under the shining light.

4-man squad, with in-game voice chat feature
Team up and create squads of up to 4 players and communicate with your team or squads. Answer the call of duty and lead your friends and yourself to victory and be the last team standing tall and strong.

Clash Squad
Fast paced 4v4 game mode is open 24/7. Manage your wealth, purchase weapons and defeat your enemy and their squads.


how to get free diamond in garena free fire

Purpose of DIAMOND?

The premium currency in Garena Free Fire are Diamonds. It allows you to directly purchase cosmetic items or just gamble them to get your items cheaper using Luck Royale feature.

Occasionally, Luck Royale feature offers cosmetic items cheaper than their actual value. In short, sometimes it’s a good idea to gamble your diamonds.

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The easy and most effective way is to buy diamonds using real cash/money or lets say real currency. Occasionaly, there’s free diamond available but its very hard to get it and you will get a limited or lets just say you will just receive a short portion of diamonds. It is very difficult to gain diamonds in this game. Followings are some of the methods for purchasing items in Garena Free Fire game:-

  • Buy them using real currency: The easiest, effective and quickest way to gain diamonds is just you have to buy them from the in-game shop using real currency
  • Getting membership: Getting a membership also helps in gaining the diamonds. Altogether, there are two kinds of memberships available. which provides daily diamonds, diamonds upfront, and other various rewards.
  • Participating in events: This is another way for getting diamonds in Garena Free Fire. Occasionaly, Garena Free Fire have events and participating on those events would provide you some diamonds. Although, the events helps to gain only few or least diamonds.


If you play Garena Free Fire a lot. A lot means like daily for hours and hours, then you have acknowledged the importance of diamonds in this Garena Free Fire game. If you’re willing on investing on diamonds then, the most cost-effective way for having them would be getting a membership (as per my perspective). As mentioned above there’s two kinds of membership available in Garena Free Fire Diamonds. One is weekly membership and another one is monthly membership. So, if you ask : which one to choose??? If you don’t need a large number of diamonds or lets say you just need small portion of it then weekly membership is for you. Futhermore, If you hunger for a lot of diamonds then monthly membership is recommended.

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Furthermore, the best method for getting diamonds is to purchase both available membership (weekly & monthly). It would cost roughly $15.95 (£15.95) and would provide you with S-VIP premium membership. That’s nearly 3,500 diamonds per month which is like around half of what you’d pay outright in the store at $32.97 (£32.97).

You need to be smart with the diamonds you hold. For discounted items, keep an eye on ‘Daily Special’ tab in the store so that you get expensive items for much less amount than their original value. Moreover, purchasing items as part of a bundle will help in saving a ton and ton of your diamonds.

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Taking part in various events will help in getting free diamonds in Garena Free Fire game. But there’s a small portion of diamonds available while taking part and participating in various events. For available events, keep an eye on the “events” tab. Participating in events only won’t increase the diamonds dramatically. So its useless to expect gaining large number of diamonds from just the events along.

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So is it even worth for even trying to get free diamonds in Garena Free Fire??? Then the answer is simple. It’s a ‘No’. The effective way for getting Garena Free Fire diamonds is paying for them using real currency. As mentioned earlier, there are different ways to get diamonds in Garena Free Fire. Buying diamonds using real cash/currency or getting a membership (weekly/monthly or both) would be a good choice for getting diamonds in Garena Free Fire. Moreover, the most cost-effective way for getting garena free fire diamonds would be getting a membership (weekly or monthly or both).

Download: Garena Free Fire File



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