How to get free UC on PUBG Mobile. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a multiplayer online game made by PUBG Corporation. Its battle royal (last man standing death match type) game where players or team fight with each other for their survival. Players can play this game solo, duo, or with a small team (up to four people). The surviving last person or team wins the match.

Match start with players jumping from a plane with a parachute landing in an island. Players will have no gear except customized clothing selections options. Once players have landed, they can search buildings, houses, towns and other areas for armor, weapons, vehicles and many other different equipments. While in a battle, players who are killed are looted for their gears.

After some time or few minutes or so, the area in the map begins to shrink down making a tighter area so that players need to get to the safe zone as soon as possible and not getting killed in the way. Players remaining outside the safe area will take a lot and lot of damage and could even be eliminated if they stay outside the safe zone for long. After finishing each round, players will get in-game currency  which is useful for purchasing cosmetic items for character or even weapon customization.

In short summary, the game starts off with players landing on an island and hunt for weapons or equipments to kill and eliminate other players while avoiding getting killed themselves. The area of the game map decreases making a tighter areas so that the players survived could force encounters and the last player or team standing wins the game.

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Get Free Pubg UF

UC full form stands for Unknown Cash. It is a currency which helps in getting skins of guns helmet and bag packs and other clothing stuffs. So how can we get it ? there is a way that is we have to buy UC (Unknown Cash) with our real currency and real money. However there’s a way getting the UC (Unknown Cash) without using our real currency, it is free for all of us. And it is available for both androids & ios.

For this open your android or ios device go to browser then go to website. Enter your username the select your platform which is the device you are using; if your using android device tap in android or if your using ios then tap on ios then turn on enable encryption and connect. A Success dialogue will pop up on screen tap ok. scroll down to generator, there you will find amount of battle points and amount of cash.

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Tap for maximum amount of battle points and amount of cash then generate. Now its time for the human verification, just tap on verify. A page will open saying complete the offers, just download and install an app. Open and run the downloaded app for like 30 seconds or more. Then close the app and open pubg, you will find your UC.

How To Get Free UC On PUBG Mobile

#Google Opinion Reward

Google Opinion Reward is the best and legal way to get and grab free UC. In this app, you will be asked some of the simple and few questions and you have to answer them fast. It asks fairly simple questions like ‘Which logo is best’, ‘which promotion is most compelling’ etc. The money that you earn by completing each round is counted in google play credit. And From that you can easily purchase your UC.

#Feature Points

How to get free UC in PUBG mobile? so here is the best answer for you. The answer is the FeaturePoints app which will easily provide you free UC after downloading apps, signing up, and use them for a few minutes in exchange for points. This is the best UC providing apps in which you can easily set your payment methods.

#Grab Points

It is another best website that will provide you free UC after completing some of its surveys. It is very easy to use and you just need to watch videos and download some apps and simply you will get points. Most apps on GrabPoints were put there by advertisers and is only served as a bridge between you and the company who made the apps.

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