10 hardest missions of every GTA games that make us mad

Top 10 extremely hardest mission of every GTA games that make us mad

Hardest Missions of Every GTA Games are more relaxing than furious aggressive combat as almost every missions of GTA are amazing conceptual and little bit of challenging. However, there are numbers of mission in GTA games, which are extremely challenging and taken as the hardest mission of whole game. This article is all about the discussion on 10 hardest missions of every GTA games that make all of us mad.

This section of the content deals with the discussion on 10 hardest mission of every GTA games that make all of us mad. There are no any particular data to list out the things, mainly lists are ordered in the opinion based.

10.  Death row – GTA Vice city

This mission is about saving Lance from goons, where he was kidnapped and placed in the junkyard area. You have to save him, before it is too late. Moreover, the major challenges of this mission is that you have to fight against numbers of gang members who are equipped with powerful auto guns with strong AI.

9. Wrong side of the tracks – GTA San Andreas

All you have to do is follow the damn train CJ’, this iconic dialogue was from this mission when we failed to complete this mission. In this Hardest Missions  we have to follow the train and make down the rival gang members.

8. The exchange – GTA III

This is the final mission of GTA III. If you have ever tried to complete this mission, you might know the frustration level after severe mission failed.

7. The Driver- GTA Vice city

You have to won race against your opponent Hillary. We hope you have not forget this mission where we have to drive like a psycho in the street of vice city. It won’t be wrong if we say this is the #1 hardest mission of vice city.

6. Three leaf clover – GTA IV

Niko and his friends have decided to rob the banks where numbers of cops are waiting for them outside of the banks. This is one of the frustrating mission of GTA IV, where you have to win the hardest battle.

5. Dildo Dodo – GTA Vice city

This is one of the mission we will never forget, as it was one of the hardest mission of GTA Vice city. In this mission, you have to distribute postcards from air to grounds with a Skimmer airplane. In addition, you have to complete this mission without running out of fuels.

4. Robbing Uncle Sam – GTA San Andreas

Picking up boxes and putting into the vans are not that much challenging but doing all these things with a complex controls, saving riders and delivering the goods before losing your complete health is definitely the challenging. Robbing Uncle Sam is one of the terribly hardest mission of GTA San Andreas

3. Payday for Ray – GTA III

This is one of the boring mission of GTA III, where you have to reach telephone booth, which are really apart from your location.

2. Triathons – GTA V

Triathons is one of the challenging mission of GTA V, where you have to perform various activities such as running, cycling and swimming for 30 minutes of real world time. It is most challenging in a sense that if you failed to complete the mission; you have to try it again for another 30 minutes.

1. Demolition man – GTA Vice city

This mission become immortal in the heart of every GTA players because of its hardest nature. In this mission, you have to plant the bomb with a remote controlled quadcopters, and blow up the buildings of vice city. This is much hardest than it sounds.

Moreover, fighting against workers inside the building who are equipped with hammers and pistols are another challenging thing of this mission as well as not to run out of time and avoid the explosion of quadcopters with the damages by strike and guns bullets are major obstacle of this mission.

Some common question asked by GTA game enthusiast

This section of the content is all about the some of the commonly asked question by GTA game enthusiast, which might be your questions too.

What is the hardest mission of GTA V?

Did somebody say Yoga is the #1 hardest mission of GTA V.

What are the hardest mission of GTA games?

The Driver, The exchange, Payday for Ray, Dildo Dodo and Robbing Uncle Sam are some of the hardest missions of GTA games. We are extremely thankful to you for your valuable time to check our content. We value your precious time, so we have done our best to make this content as precise as possible.

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