Garena Free Fire Unlimited Diamond [Update 2021]

Garena Fire Free Unlimited Diamond Tips and Trick For Android

Garena free fire unlimited diamond is the ultimate survival shooter multiplayer game where players enter a battlefield and conquer by becoming the last man standing. Players from different countries and region join the match to be the number one. With the downloads of around 266.2 million, Garena Free Fire holds the title for most downloaded mobile title of 2020.

Codashop Hack Diamond Free Fire has set a record with over 85 million daily active users from around the world. Free fire by Garena is also has set a record for having gross over $1 billion worldwide as of November 2019.

As PUBG mobile requires high GB ram and good processer mobile phone to experience smooth gameplay, Free Fire runs smoothly in every mobile device. So, we can see that because of this feature, people prefer free fire instead of PUBG mobile that does not need high-end devices.

There are variety of guns with different skins, each skin with their own improved features like, increase in range, damage, magazines, rate of fire, etc. this feature of the game is for improving the gameplay.

Free fire is undoubtedly one of the most popular mobile games listed under the category of Battle royal. This game falls into the list of games with the most active daily players, where some of the top games are enlisted such as PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, Call of Duty and, Rock Star GTA Online.

According to a report by Esports server, Free Fire acquires 100 Million daily active players, which is a huge number for any Mobile games.

This article is all about the discussion on Free Fire Unlimited Diamond, if you are a player of Free Fire or a fan of any Battle royal games, you may know it cost premium monetary values to buy some stunning things such as Gun skins, Legendary clothes, Crates, emotes, pets and numbers of interesting materialistic stuff.

Almost every game introduces premium ways of microtransaction, which will allow players to buy premium services. For example, UC is the way of microtransaction of PUBG, whereas Free Fire featured Diamond as their means of Premium deals. Below we have pointed out answers to some of the top questions  frequently asked by Free Fire players.

Codashop Free Fire Diamond Hack

  • 1: Go to the official website of Codashop and click the Free Fire game. (Use this below-given link to visit that website with one click) codashop
  • 2: After we tapped the Free Fire option it redirects to the Details page for our top-up(check below screenshot)
  • 3: First we need to enter Player-ID.
  • 4: Second, we need to choose the required diamond amount.
  • 5: Then, we need to select our payment method, and there are three options available(Paytm, UPI, and Netbanking).
  • 6: Then, Another extra option is “Email Receipt”. If you want the receipt of the purchase through the email [ENTER YOUR EMAIL AND YOU WILL RECEIVE THE RECEIPT OF THE PURCHASE]. If you don’t want to, just leave it.
  • 7: At last, After this all you have to click the “Buy Now” button.
  • 8: If your details and payment are done means it will show as Successfully purchased, and diamonds also credited to the player’s Free Fire account.

Free Fire Unlimited Diamond Features

  1. Unlimited diamonds
  2. Unlimited gold coins
  3. Unlocked all characters
  4. Mod menu
  5. No root needed
  6. Anti-ban
  7. Wall hack
  8. Aim bot

How much is a Free Fire diamond worth?

The bigger the deal bigger the discount, this is the magical business strategy followed by every business corporation. Hence, this strategy can be seen in the diamond values of free fire. If you intend to spend money to buy more diamonds, then you are going to get a bit more discounts in the deals, but the discounts are not that much vast so we can figure out the approximate price of one diamond.

One diamond costs $0.01, which is cheap virtual monetary things. It sounds a bit small and cheap when we figure out the cost of a single diamond. However, when we see it in Bulks 1000 diamonds it will cost you approximately $11.

Can I get unlimited diamonds in Free Fire?

Without terminating words, we want to let you know it is impossible to get unlimited diamonds in Free Fire in genuine ways. It is impossible to get Unlimited or huge numbers of diamonds in a normal way but using various cheats/hacks or mods you can make up to 99,999 diamonds.

How do you get 25000 diamonds in a Free Fire?

There is one of the stunning steps to get 25000 diamonds, for this all you have to do is go to a website, which generates free fire diamonds. There are tons of verified and trusted websites such as, which provide this service.

In addition, for your kind information, this way of getting numbers of diamonds actually works. But be sure sometimes the securities algorithm of Free Fire can ban your accounts so we suggest you try this method in your secondary accounts otherwise you might lose your primary accounts.

Alright, let’s get into the steps of how we can get 25000 diamonds, for this first go to a website that generates free fire diamonds after that you will be asked to enter your Free Fire username. Choose your platform whether iOS/ Android. After this enter the amounts of diamonds, you need.

For the verification prompt, you will be asked to ensure you are human by solving captchas. Congrats, you are all set. Now open the game and you can see the desired bulks of Diamonds are added to your accounts.

Here are some points you should keep in your mind before using any Diamond/UC generator website:

  1. There are numbers of website or software that promises to provide you Diamond but be aware not every website are genuine. Some sites which motto is to provide you free monetary coins of games are just there to make you fool. One of the genuine trusted websites, which really provides you gaming coins such as UC/ Diamonds is
  2. Microtransaction is the major way of revenue of game developing companies so game developing companies are secured enough to find out this kind of swindle, many peoples are enjoying their game with diamond generator website but few unlucky ones get their gaming account permanently banned. Therefore, we suggest you try this with your secondary free fire accounts so that if you ever face the banned by Garena free fire, your primary (Original) accounts stay active.
  3. They just asked you to enter your username of free fire for the diamond this is the genuine step, but be aware if some site asks you to fill-up the form to login to your free fire account DO NOT DO THAT. Most people’s gaming account are linked with their Facebook account, and if they ask you to enter your Facebook username and password then just hit the close button, as this could be THE PHISHING ATTACK operated by scammers/ hackers.

We wish you happy gaming, with number of diamonds for free. Stay secured and safe from any scammers’ website. Thanks for choosing us to solve your confusion.

Thanks for choosing us to surf your confusion, we are glad to provide you information.

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