Best Methods to Obtain Dragon City Free Gems in 2021?

Dragon city is one of the popular android games where you can create your own city using different resources. Similarly, Gem is one of the major resources needed on this game but it is very limited in number. You can buy these gems on the game but there are some users who can’t afford them. So, today in this article we are going to discuss how to obtain Dragon city free gems.

Dragon city is one of the popular Android and IOS released in May 2021. Similarly, it is also available on windows and Facebook also which is why it has a large number of players across the world. Here you can mine different resources which you can use to build your city later on. Gold is the major currency of this game whereas Gem is premium currency use to boost up city breeding.

What do you do with Gem in Dragon City Game?

Gold is the major currency of the Dragon city game which is used to purchase different resources in the game. Similarly, Gem is a premium resource that is used to purchase Dragons and to breed more dragons.

You can obtain this gem easily from the game by completing the different tasks. But, the thing is it is available in a limited amount so the game has offered features to purchase it from the game. So, here we are going to discuss different methods to obtain free gems for dragon city.

Methods 1: Log in every day to receive free Gem

If you are active on the game regularly without missing a day then you can receive more diamonds upon logging onto your game. Each day you will receive different stuff including Food, Gold, Crate, and Gem. So, make sure to log in regularly to your game to receive free Gem.

Methods 2: Watch ads on game

Dragon city makes money by selling Gem and advertising different software and product onto their platform. So, they have lots of advertised videos on their platforms that are free to watch and you can earn Gem while watching these advertised videos.

Method 3: Lock Jewelem’s Tower

It is another free method to earn free gems. If you are in level 12 then there you can build Jewelem Tower. This tower helps you to earn a free gem every 24 hours. You can earn one gem every 24 hours but the thing is you need to be on level 12 to do this.

Once you reached level 12 there you will see Jewelem tower on the lush island. Tap on it then it will show you an option to rebuild it. Now tap on send dragon button after this you can see all of your dragons select the highest level of dragon you have on your game. Now click on send dragon option and wait till the tower is built.

Methods 4: Deus daily bonus

If you have been playing games for a while then I am pretty sure you are familiar with this bonus. Every 24 hours you can visit the Deus Daily bonus. Here you will see 8 different shuffled cards and among them, you need to pick one. Here you can win different stuff including Gold, Fruits, and A gem if you are lucky.

Methods 5: Complete in PVP tournaments and Win

Dragon city also has a tournament in their game in which you can participate upon. Here you need to play with other players and you need to take your dragon to compete with other players in the game. On the tournament, you can see the reward that you get upon completing the tournament. But, this method is also unlocked at level 10 and arenas at 12.


These are some of the popular methods to acquire gems for free. Gem plays a major role in the game and there’s no doubt. You can easily acquire the gem by following this method for free. But, there is a limit on how much you can obtain by following these methods.

Similarly, you can also buy the gem from their store. If you have friends who are willing to play the game then you can take advantage of it. You can invite them to your game using your referral link you can obtain around 10 Gem per download. This is how you can obtain Dragon city free gems.

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Can you actually hack Dragon city?

No, it is totally impossible to hack Dragon city by an ordinary person. To hack Dragon City you need to hack its whole server which could be regarded as impossible.

What’s the max level in Dragon city?

The max level in Dragon city is 150. It could also be increased in the future but at present, there are only 150 levels of Dragon city.

Which Dragon produces the most gold in Dragon city?

Legendary dragons produce the most gold in Dragon city. They are also regarded as the best dragons in Dragon City.

What are pure dragons in Dragon City?

The pure dragons in Dragon city are regarded as the rarest species of dragons in Dragon City.

What are pure dragon weaknesses in Dragon city?

The pure dragons are the only dragons in Dragon city that don’t have any weaknesses.

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