Dragon City Apk Tips and Tricks [Unlimited Money and Gems]

Dragon City Apk Unlimited Money and Gems For Android

Dragon city Apk Unlimited Money and Gems is one of the best simulations and social point games available on the play store. As it is a social point game, you can play this game online with your friends or real random players by login with your social accounts like, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can also make many new friends in the game while playing online multiplayers modes.

With a download of over 100 million, the game is quite popular and still holding an excellent 4.5 ratings on the google play store.  This game is like a Pokémon game. As in Pokémon game, you have you train Pokémon to make them stronger for fights whereas in Dragon city, you have to develop a dragon city on different floating islands, buy assets, protect shelters, farms, buildings, habitat, and training of dragon for fights as well as many other subtasks.

At first, the game seems very tough, collecting the coins and gems for building the city, upgrading dragon levels, training, buying assets, etc. can become a hard task. It will be hard for you at the beginning to fight one on one with high level dragons if your level is low. But as you go further in the game, it becomes quite fun and adventurous.

Build your dragon city

Dragon City Apk Unlimited Money and Gems is one of the best online multiplayer and simulations games with a feature of complete social access. In the dragon city unlocked all dragon in  game, you have to build your city of dragons on floating islands, fill it with farms, buildings, habitats, and varieties of dragons.

Graphics and sound

Dragon city Apk has excellent elaborate 3D models, graphics, and smooth animation. Although there are lots of dragons in the game, all characters are drawn perfectly and each of them has their own recognizable features. The sound is also pretty good in the game, its’ quality is very high and clear.

Make your dragons into monster

You can hatch dragon egg, breed cute baby dragons, treat them well by building farms and feeding foods to make them or evolve them into a stunning beast and monster. You can fight with these monsters against tough monster or other players.

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Multiplayer modes PVP Arenas

Dragon city offers a Multiplayer mode i.e., PVP Arenas. You can use your dragon monster to battle against other players online in the game’s PVP Arenas. These battles will reward you with lots of amazing rewards like, coins for building farms and habitats, foods for feeding to the dragons, and other assets.

A Social city

As dragon city is the simulations as well as social point game, you can play with your friends online and other random dragon city unlocked all dragon players from around the globe by login with your social accounts. You can join alliances to battle with dragon masters, chat with them, trade in the trading hub, open alliance chests, and share in alliance gift events.

Complete challenges and quest

There are lots of challenges and quest in the dragon city unlocked all dragon in game. Complete and adventure different dragon challenges and quest and play against other dragon masters to collect rare of legendary dragons, claim warrior’s chests and to climb the leaderboards to become to top player in your region.

Over 1000 Dragons

In the dragon city apk unlimited money and gems, there are over 1000 dragons with many special abilities and elements. You can breed and collect them to make your dragon city grow. New types of dragon join the game every week in the game through special islands and breeding events. You can breed unique hybrid dragon by combining dragons of fire, pure, nature, legend, and many other elements to expand your dragon city collection.

FAQs of Dragon city

Q1. How do you get free gems on Dragon City?

There are many ways of getting free gems on Dragon City. Some of them are follows: –

Daily login to Dragon City

You can get free rewards by just login to Dragon City. If you login to Dragon City each and every day, you get golds, foods, and even gems for free.

Unlock Jewelem’s tower

If you have unlocked Jewelem’s tower, it will give you one free gems every 24 hours.

Gain XP and level up

Gain XP and reach to a new level, to get free golds and other rewards including free gems.

Q2. IS Dragon City Offline?

Yes, Dragon City is offline game. It can be played both online and offline or without internet if you are not interested in social features.

Q3. What is the strongest dragon in Dragon City?

Barbarian Dragon is the strongest dragon in Dragon City Online as it has 9,000 ATK and 24,000 HP.

Q4. How do you get Mods on Dragon City?

Press the download button and download Dragon city mod apk from this website which is free and totally safe.

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