Copyright Holders

According to the Disclaimer, does not host any materials, copyright or related rights (including the right to distribute) that are owned by other individuals or entities. The right holder of the fabric can appeal to the administration to resolve any issue if it has been placed on the site.

There are many options to solve the problem. 

1. The appliance can be replaced by the current application, subject to copyright. It must be a copy of the entire application or of the whole application but without advertising.
2. An alternative link to the application is a relationship to Google Play, Amazon App Store, or the official website for the appliance.
3. All references to the appliance website must be deleted. The proper holder must confirm that they have the rights to submit an application at the location. There are many ways to do this:

1. Send an E-mail to the administration site. This E-mail address is available on the appliance’s official website.
2. Send an email to the E-mail address of the management of the positioning, as detailed in the application.
3. Send site administration scanned documents to confirm that copyright is present in the application.
4. To access the official website of the applicant or corporate that is involved in an exceedingly productive application, you will need to create a file called Android-1com. Then, send a reference to the positioning. Please write to the address below to contact the Administration of the positioning.