Call of Duty Mobile Tips and Tricks [Update 2021]

Call of Duty Mobile Tips and Tricks

Call of Duty mobile Tips and Tricks commonly known, as COD- Mobile is one of the most popular games. COD-M is shooter video games, which was released on 1 October 2019. TiMi Studios is the developer of this game and it was Published by Activision for both IOS and Android.

It holds an impressive records of one of the successful mobile game which gain 270 Million downloads and huge revenue of US$ 480,000,000 (Four hundred eighty million United States dollar). It was developed in Unity gaming engine, and Proxima Beta Pte. Limited is another major company that developed this game along with TiMi Studios.

Call of Duty mobile unlimited money holds the prestigious gaming awards such as BAFTA Games Award for EE Mobile Game of the Year, and The Call of Duty Mobile Unlimited Money  Game Award for Best Mobile Game.

Gameplay & ranking

There are total of six ranks in COD Mobile, they are Rookie, Veteran, Elite, Pro, Master and Legendary, and this entire list are written in progressive order. Rookie is the lowest rank in COD- Mobile and the Legendary is the highest rank.

As every online games hold their own gaming currency, Call of Duty Mobile Unlimited Money also consist their own currency that is CP, which is not free, you have to buy this with your real money. While Credits is secondary gaming currency of this game, which you can get for free after completing mission, events and matches.

COD Mobile zombies

Zombie mode of cod mobile zombies was one of the most popular modes of COD Mobile as Zombies were appeared in this mode of COD Mobil. However, developer have announced about the removal of this mode on February and eventually removed it from game on 25 March of 2020.

Call of Duty league

It is professional esports league released by its publisher company, Activision. It was announced on 2019 and released on 2020. There are total of 12 teams in this league. Dallas Empire is the latest champions of this esport league.

We can figure out its fame just by this fact, that every players of the league makes a minimum salary of 50,900 USD annually with lots of mandatory services like health care and retirement benefits.

Call of Duty mobile Tips and tricks

No matter how good you are in shooter games, there must be some tips for you to make you pro player, here are some of the useful tips and tricks, and you probably have not cared much.

  • Know the map: Knowing the map you are playing in is one of the most necessary things you have to do, in order to pursue better gameplay. There are numbers of tactics for every places; such as some most used camping places, hot drop location and the location with less numbers of opponent, it might be useful if you are playing safe for rank push.
  • Setting Optimization: Device with high capacity, good processor, and GFX tools tends to bear high fps and graphics setting. However, if your device is bit weak or have intermediate capacity; you should probably optimize your settings accordance to your device status. Minimize your graphics level and FPS If your device is weak, or cannot bear high gaming settings.
  • Use move and fire skills: Ever noticed, some pro players who have killed you in some of the matches were moving so amazingly while shooting you. Yes, that is the fact that moving while firing is one of the awesome skills you have to use to be pro plyers.
  • Weapons knowledge: Every weapons deal different bullets damage, so first know top weapons of the game, and always try to pick up gun with higher bullet damage and greater stability.
  • Improving specializations: Call of Duty mobile enable players to acquire special capability after specializing specific skills, for example clown is best for zombie mode, as this provide players an additional stealth ability.

How do I get better at Call of Duty mobile?

No matter what you are doing, always learn from your mistakes. This will enable your weakness into your knowledge, so learn from your previous mistakes. Moreover, learn about maps, guns, armors, tactics and strategy of some specific places to perform better in the game.

How do you kill faster in Call of Duty mobile?

Using tap and fire method can leads you kill faster in COD mobile, as it increases your reaction speed.

How can I play Call of Duty mobile smoothly?

If your device is high end mobile, then you are all set to use higher graphics and maximize FPS. However, if you are using low end or medium-ranged mobile, we suggest you to optimize your gaming settings to play game smoothly. As well as, if your supports external GFX tools, then do not forget to use it, as GFX tools provides additional power to your powerful devices.

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