Among US Features and Tips & Tricks 2021

Among US Features and Tips and Tricks For Android

Among US is an online multiplayer game developed by American game studio Inner sloth LLC. It was released on June 2018 for IOS and Android. Later on November 2018, it was released for PC devices. This game was developed on Unity, most of the gaming enthusiast know the name of Unity, which is one of the top gaming engine.

Though it was developed on mid of 2018, this game get publicize unexpectedly in the mid of corona virus outbreaks, 2020 was proven to be luckiest for its game developer. This popular game is available on various platforms such as Nintendo switch, Android, IOS, Microsoft PC and Xbox one, which is appraisable job done by game publishers.

Among us is definitely free to download on mobile devices (IOS & Android) but it will cost you $5 to download it for your PC devices. You can download it from App store or Play store for your mobile devices and Stream or for PC devices.

Concept Behind The Gameplay 

In this game, four to ten players are dropped into a spaceship, where they owe a private role as either ‘Crewmate’ or ‘Imposter’. Among us Online is a survival game, where either you are assigned a cremate or imposter, and to complete the entire task you (as a crewmate) have to vote all of the imposters, and after that imposter will kill all the crewmates or you have to stop imposters from completing tasks.

Some interesting Data of Among Us

This content section is all about the data hold by Among us, such as its total downloads, users, revenue, awards, and many more interesting stuff.

  • Released date: It was released on June 15 2018.
  • Developers/ Publishers: Inner sloth LLC is the developer and publisher of this company.
  • Total downloads: After its sudden fame on 2020, among apk holds total downloads of 264,000,000 (Two hundred sixty four million). Whereas it got 41,000,000 (Forty one million) downloads alone from United States.
  • Daily active users: Though its cartoonist non-3D game, among apk hold the massive daily active players. There are 60,000,000 (Sixty Million) daily active players, which is more than daily active players of PUBG, Free fire and GTA Online.
  • Platforms: This game is available in Nintendo, Xbox one, Android, IOS & PC.
  • Awards: After getting huge success in 2020, among us has won three prestigious game awards they are, The Game Award for Best Mobile Game- 2022, The Game Award for Best Multiplayer Game- 2020 and Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite Videogame- 2021
  • Total revenue: 2020 is definitely best for Elon musk, bill gates and yeah definitely for Among Us, as the revenue of this game jumped from 3.2 Million USD (August 2020) to 50 Million USD (November 2020).

Some Tips and tricks of Among Us

This section of the article is all about some of the tips and tricks, which would be helpful for you while playing this game.

  • Always Move in group
  • Keep your eyes on players who is competing tasks
  • Do not spam.
  • Use emergency meeting properly.
  • Choose common tasks
  • Fix sabotage
  • If you are in doubt, simply skip the votes.

FAQ’s Among US

Games similar to Among Us

Some of the familiar games, which are similar to Among Us Online, are Unfortunate spaceman, Project winter, Town of Salem, Deceit, Barotrauma, Garry’s mod and Secret Hitler.

How do you kill fast in Among Us?

The only way to make your effectiveness while killing someone is to getting closer to your opponent.

How do you win as imposter in Among Us?

This section of the article is about the tips to win Among Us as Imposters.

  • Have your eyes on kill cool down time.
  • focus on popular kill zones
  • Do fake task that are not visible

How do you become imposter in Among Us every time?

Do you know there is a Time glitch, which will let you be imposter in every matchmaking. First start match, and if you are not the imposter then simply leave the match. Now go to settings and change your device time to 15 minutes forwards. By doing this you will be assigned as imposter, if not then repeat the process again.

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